What is the efficacy of Xanax for essential tremor?

Essential tremors refer to the term for shaking uncontrollably or trembling uncontrollably. This trembling happens in the hands and head but it could also happen in the jaw, tongue, feet, and face.Some of these patients have even a shaky voice when they talk. Essential tremors are inherited or acquired. Usually, it starts with the arms and hands and then it moves and spreads to other parts. These tremors at first are just a source of a nuisance but later on they can get worse and they can even be disabling as even drinking water or writing is not possible. Xanax, one of the best anti-anxiety medication, which can be easily ordered online from an exclusive Xanax drugstore at a discounted price may have the potential in treating tremors. Learn how the drug can help below.

How Xanax helps with treating essential tremor?

Xanax treating essential tremorsFor those who suffer from these tremors as a result or have the conditions aggravated by tension and anxiety, it is prescribed to buy Xanax. The reason why it is given is that the nervous system slows down when this is consumed. In other words, it increases the effect of the gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. This is the chemical that is naturally produced and that stops the firing of neurons and so the transmission of the nerve signals are dampened and so the nervous excitation is decreased.

When Xanax is given for these tremors, caution needs to be maintained and the drug needs to be taken in the dosage prescribed and for the time period which is prescribed and not more, as this could be addictive. If the medication also if taken long term, can cause hazy feeling, a feeling of disconnect with the world and similar symptoms to it. It is the most preferred sedative given in spite of the fact that it could cause sleepiness, depression, dizziness, fatigue, memory loss, loss of co-ordination and confusion. Taking Xanax in the right dosage can help avoid these side effects. Learn how to take the right dose with the help of online doctors available at Xanax tips to get treated from your problem.

Symptoms of essential tremors

The primary symptom is trembling. The parts it affects could be the eyelids, jaw, tongue, face, head, larynx, arms and hands. Very rarely it affects the feet and the legs as well.

These symptoms are worse when caffeine is consumed or the person is anxious or is on some medications, is doing strenuous activity, is upset or stressed. Find out as you read if Xanax can help overcome these symptoms.

Other treatment options along with Xanax use

In order to treat patients suffering from effective tremors, some alternative medicines like Xanax are also used:

  • Beta blockers as these treat hypertension. These also help those who are on medication for asthma, heart conditions or even diabetes.
  • Anti-convulsive medication is given to those for whom beta blockers did not work and they received no relief from their symptoms.
  • It is only when people do not benefit from any of these medications that the doctors may consider surgery as an option. The deep brain stimulation of the thalamus too can be done and this is done by an electrical device being implanted into the brain. This reduces tremors to a great extent.