What are the ways in which you can spot a counterfeit online pharmacy?

There are many ways you can determine whether an online pharmacy is legitimate or counterfeit. Look at the below ways so as to help yourself in ascertaining the authenticity of a drugstore.

  1. Focus on the credentials

Fake Online PharmacyAn internet drug store is supposed to have a number of credentials in order to be able to sell drugs and other prescription medications to customers across the globe. The first and most important thing you need to check is that if it is registered with General Pharmaceutical council or not. The General Pharmaceutical Council is an independent body that regulates the trading of different pharmacies. If a particular internet drugstore has been registered with them, it has the following details in their register:

  • Trading name
  • Owner’s name
  • Current address
  • Logo of the internet pharmacy
  • GPhC registration number

The online pharmacy you choose to purchase drugs from should have a logo and “Registered Pharmacy” should be written on it along with the registration number, otherwise it is a fake site.

  1. Be cautious of the free trials

If you did not know what a counterfeit online pharmacy means, then any offer for free pills or trial packs is a dead giveaway. There are certain internet drugstores that offer medicines for a very low price. This is a kind of tactic used by the store in an attempt to attract more customers and selling to them spurious medicines. These adulterated meds were even known to have paint, acid and brick dust. Most of the reputable drugstores do not supply free trial packs not only for financial reasons but for legal reasons too.

  1. Understand that medicines cannot be availed without a prescription

Medicines that are meant for treating major disorders or conditions cannot be availed without issuing a prescription to the pharmacist either on internet or offline. In order to obtain the drug legally, you need to consult online doctor and get prescribed for the drug to treat your respective medical condition.

For instance, in the year 2010, a scheme was announced wherein Viagra could be issued to patients though they did not own a prescription. Yet, the drug was not given to the patients just like that. They had to answer a series of questions that were related to their ED condition and only if the patient was able to answer to the question properly, they were given the ED pill Viagra.

However, in this case, Viagra was not made available to patients over the counter. Those websites that are offering to sell medications to patients even without asking for a prescription, are in fact operating outside the law. In order to sell medicines to those patients who do not have a prescription, the store must provide a means so as to enable the patients to be able to procure a prescription through an assessment with a registered and qualified doctor. Therefore, you should not trust those sites that appear to furnish you the drugs even if you do not have a prescription to get those medicines. This is a sign of counterfeit store.

  1. Understand that pharmacists need not present themselves professionally

There are many sites that have poor content or have improper information about the medicines they sell. Many people actually overlook this important information and end up in buying drugs from illegitimate and counterfeit online drugstores. One must be very careful and pay attention to the minute details available on the site so as to know everything about the drugstore and why to choose a Rx online pharmacy over local pharmacy from where you will be purchasing the medicines.

If a website does not include any contact information, not even an email address, then you should become alert that this particular site is a kind of fake. Also, if you notice that the site has poor language, spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, then it is likely that the site is not a reputable one.