What are the benefits of online doctor consultation?

benefits of online consultationOnline medical consultation is also called as telemedicine. There are many benefits of an online doctor, this is good and helps a number of people. One of the major benefits of internet consultation is that a person who is not having a prescription for the drug can able to get the doctor’s script and with the help of that online doctor prescription, he/she can able to get hold of the drug at a reputed internet pharmacy at a discounted price without the need of standing in a long queue in local drugstore. This is the reason why people choose Rx online pharmacy over local pharmacy.

Who gets benefit from Online Consultation?

Online Doctor ConsultationThe reason why telemedicine or medical consultation over the net service is great is that:

  • It helps people especially those who do not have health insurance.
  • It also is good for those whose health insurance is limited
  • Those people who cannot leave the house and are too sick to go to the doctors
  • Those that live in other places and not at home
  • Those who are always moving or always busy and do not have the time to go to doctors for them to be able to get a medical certificate which they need to produce for work or for school.
  • It is good for those who are spending a lot of money going and visiting doctors for conditions which are simple like bronchitis or athletes foot for example.
  • Good for those medical conditions they are embarrassed about.
  • One can choose doctors from any place and not necessarily the place where the patient lives
  • There is reduced time as well as costs
  • The doctor can be chosen based on the language, gender, specialty or even hospital affiliation at the time.
  • Immediate access is available to doctors and specialists and this is private and secure.

How does Online consultation work?

Steps for online consultation

  1. When a person goes in for online doctor consultation services, the cost is lower.
  2. The person can get the service over the phone or the internet
  3. The prescriptions are available when the internet access is there from 6am-8pm Pacific Time for Monday to Sunday.
  4. There are no needs to wait in line
  5. No needs to schedule appointments.
  6. The best part of these online medical consultations is that the patient can choose where he wants the consultation done when he wants it done and how he wants it done.
  7. Minor medical conditions can be treated this way like infections, rashes etc.

Things you should know before approaching Online doctor

Though this is a great concept and offers many advantages. One should be cautious about certain aspects.

  • Some of the doctors use this in an unethical way.
  • Patients use these sites to get prescription drugs unethically
  • The patients have a limited choice when it comes to these doctors
  • These cannot be used during emergencies or when the doctor is needed to offer physical assistance like in the case of dislocations, fractures, cuts, wounds and even accident cases.

This is something that will grow as methods of communication start to get better and improve. It will also grow as currently, this is just a new field whereas physical doctors’ appointments have been around for centuries now and this is a well-established way of going about it. However, at the same time, this should not be discounted due to the few disadvantages as these too will have checks and balances in place while this line evolves.