How to take Kamagra to meet the best result?

Kamagra is a medication to cure ED; there are certain conditions to be remembered before consuming the pill for meeting the best results, which are as follows:

Take Kamagra

Take Kamagra 30 minutes before the activity:

Kamagra is a quick drug which has to be consumed orally at least 30 to 60 minutes before the intercourse. This procedure must be followed for the better and fine experience. The general tendency of the medication is it at least needs at least 20 minutes to perform. It would last up to 3 to 4 hours after the intake, though the lasting time would differ from one individual to the other.

Aged Adults must consume fewer doses:

Aged people need not many doses as their metabolism has already slowed down and lower strength dose itself takes more time to succumb. At the same time, youngsters who have the highest metabolism need to good strength doses to sustain their erection for a longer time.

For instance, A 35-year-old person has to the high amount of dosage than a 60-year-old individual as his metabolism would be higher and his erection wouldn’t last for a long time as the tablet loses its strength soon. Order Kamagra medication with an appropriate dosage that has been prescribed by the physician.

Have Fat Free Diet:

Having a high-fat meal would slow down blood flow and also affects the performance of the medication. To avoid that have a low free diet on the day you use Kamagra. High-fat foods like Dark Chocolate, Whole Eggs, and Fatty Fish etc. should be avoided before taking the pills. The effects of Kamagra would more rapid and effective you keep your stomach empty.

 Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption:

Heaving alcohol would slow down the blood flow towards the organ, It is better to avoid alcohol while taking Kamagra. It need not be completely avoided, though. You can very well have one or two drinks of wine or a bottle of beer, which is completely fine. Apart from that excessive alcohol drinking with Kamagra would cause harsh negative effects. Such a situation would make the medication completely ineffective and loses its productivity.

Health Conditions:

The performance of Kamagra would be weak and pale if you are suffering from kidney or heart-related problems. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to have this medicine in such conditions you can contact your physician and take the tablets in the prescribed doses. The same is recommended for the individuals suffering from Blood Pressure and Diabetics. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Kamagra, you need to be leading a hearty and healthy life.

Avoid Drug Interactions:

This is the most important factor to be thought of while having Kamagra tablets. The drug interaction should never take place. The medication interacts with medicines that are taken to fight High Blood pressure (Hypertension), Diabetics, Cholesterol and antibiotics like rifampicin which is used to cure TB. Before buying Kamagra, consult with the healthcare professional and tell about the medicine that you are currently taking because that drugs might interact with Kamagra and causes severe issues to your health.

Take the Prescribed Dosage:

Excessive consumption of Kamagra would have some negative reactions and leaves no impact. For better results, it is recommended to consume this medication in the dosage prescribed by the doctor.