Why there is an increased risk of acute pancreatitis in Ambien users?

Zolpidem is mass produced in the market under the brand name of Ambien. Zolpidem is a well-known sedative also called Hypnotic. People normally obtain Ambien sleeping pills from Rx online pharmacy to treat insomnia.Ambien drug affects the unbalanced chemicals in our brain thus helping us to fall asleep. The immediate release tablets of Ambien immediately dissolve in the mouth and help an individual to fall asleep immediately. Although it is not addictive as the benzodiazepines the Ambien drug is habit forming. That is why one should not use the Ambien drug for a long time as it can cause addiction and also may cause the physical dependence as well as rebound symptoms once the person stops using the hypnotic. You can also buy Ambien from online pharmacy to get the maximum benefits of the pill both in terms of treatment and price. Usage of Ambien can also increase the risk of pancreatitis among the individuals. A recent study has proved that the risk of getting pancreatitis increases by seven folds in the persons on Ambien dosage.

What is acute pancreatitis?

Acute pancreatitis or simply pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreatic gland. During pancreatitis, the digestive enzymes which are released to boost up the digestion process start damaging the pancreas. As a result, the pancreatic gland gets swollen and the digestion process becomes slow and painful. There are various reasons behind this disease like gall bladder stones, alcoholism etc. Recent studies have shown that the usage of the hypnotic drug Ambien increases the risk of pancreatitis by manifolds.

Why does Ambien increase the risk of acute pancreatitis?

Pancreatic gland’s exocrine function is to produce digestive enzymes which are then released into the gastrointestinal track. These enzymes are produced by the acinar cells of the pancreas and then it is transported to the gastrointestinal duct by a type of storage vesicles known as the zymogen. Acute pancreatitis can occur due to the damage of these acinar cells. Although it is not so clear till now how Ambien increases the risk of AP and there are many speculations about it but this drug surely considered as a reason behind posing a threat of.

This theory is purely based on case studies and research works. There are many probable reasons behind acute pancreatitis due to the Ambien usage. Some most speculated reasons are the construction of pancreatic ducts, metabolic and cytotoxic effects of Ambien, accumulation of toxic intermediary and reactions due to hypersensitivity. It is also considered as a side effect of Ambien usage. Individuals who drink alcohol during the course of this hypnotic drug dosage are more prone to acute pancreatitis.

In a recent study, it was found that in the persons who are using Ambien without any comorbidity like alcoholism, gallstones, hepatitis, diabetes etc. the risk of acute pancreatitis increase by 7.2% when compared to those who have never used zolpidem. The study was performed again with the people on Ambien dosage and having any of the above-said comorbidity. This time the chances of getting AP increased to 30.32%. The study concluded that the individuals on active Ambien dosage have 7-fold increased risks of acute pancreatitis. That is why patients who normally consult online doctor are advised to choose a reputed online pharmacy so that the service and prescribed drugs are high quality guaranteed. This is why doctors are suggested to take into account the Ambien drug-induced AP seriously and to prescribe the sedative to a patient reasonably after going through the patient’s medical history thoroughly.