Radiological Interventional Procedure And After Effect Treatment

CRAIVE (Collaborators in Radiological Interventional Virtual Environments), is a consortium comprising of clinicians, physicists, computer scientists, clinical engineers, and psychologists. Our aim is to implement and validate sophisticated virtual environments designed for use in the training of radiological interventional procedures and offer the solution to sexual dysfunction caused due to the effect of this therapy.’s Virtual environment creates an awareness about erectile dysfunction issues and developments in the drugs field to offer a solution to it.

Interventional Radiology (IR)
RadiologyIR is keyhole surgery using needles, specialized wires, and tubes (catheters), guided by touch and imaging (X-ray, ‘Cat Scan’–CT, ultrasound). IR benefits from local anesthesia, a tiny incision, few complications, reduced postoperative pain, short hospital stay and low cost. Most IR procedures commence with needle puncture of a blood vessel to insert guidewires and catheters: these clinical skills are acquired by all radiologists during training, as an apprenticeship in patients, inevitably associated with some discomfort and occasionally, complications. ‘Straightforward’ cases for diagnosis are ideal for training but are being replaced by state-of-the-art, non-invasive imaging methods.

While some skills (mainly visual, relating to orientation and spatial negotiation) can be taught in models (as in surgery), these have limitations for IR which relies heavily on a sense of touch. Both patients and trainees would benefit from the use of computers to create a VE with devices conveying touch sensation (haptics) to realistically mimic procedures on patients. Removal of this initial experience from the clinical environment would be time efficient while improving patient safety and reducing the time taken for medical trainees to attain and maintain higher levels of competence. This therapy sometimes leads to anxiety related and sleep-related issues in patients.  That are certain medications to treat the issues. Such as Xanax for anxiety attacks and Ambien as a sleep aid.

How to treat anxiety – the after effects of Radiology

Going through radiation therapy for any major illness can leave the person feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed. These effects are not unusual and every person has a way of dealing with them. Severe anxiety issues need some form of medical intervention. Anxiety treatment after radiation therapy can be done with the help of the healthcare professional. Anti-anxiety medications like Xanax may be used in the short term, as the efficacy of Xanax is high, the anxiety condition can be treated soon.

There are also support groups and psychiatric therapy available for gaining complete control over the anxiety symptoms. Leaving the anxiety symptoms untreated can sink the person further into depression. The point to remember is that anxiety is quite common and one need not withdraw from taking the pills without informing the doctor. Consult with the doctor regarding Xanax withdrawal symptoms in order to safely discontinue from taking the pill without any withdrawal effects.

Sleep issues – after effects of radiology therapy

Sleep is important for restoring good health and should be taken care of if there are any sleep problems following radiation therapy.  Insomnia is one of the commonly experienced side effects after radiation therapy. This problem of sleeplessness tends to happen during the treatment days as well. Side effects after radiation therapy should not be left untreated as it can affect your health and recovery.

The type of sleep problems the person usually faces is difficulty in falling asleep, waking up constantly during the night, waking up without being able to get back to sleep, daytime sleepiness. It is vital to get help from the doctor if there are any such side effects. Sleep issues occur not just because of the radiology therapy but also because of other drugs being taken. Talk to the doctor and take suitable medication like Ambien to treat sleep disorder.

Sleep depriving individuals should consult the doctor before taking this sleep-aid. Some users who took the drugs were seen dealing with common problems, Ambien and Acute Pancreatitis was one of them. So it is always recommended to get the required help of a chemist and improve sleep patterns to recuperate better.

How can pelvic radiation therapy affect erections?

Pelvic radiation is used to treat prostate and Colon Cancer.  It is found that these radiations would cause erection issues in men. The more the radiation is taken the higher the chance of erection problems. When the pelvic radiation is taken, it damages the arteries that help to carry blood to the genital area. These vessels might not stretch like before due to the scars. When the blood flow stops, it is not possible for a man to get the proper erection.

This happens over a time slowly. Few men would achieve the erection but lose their ability to maintain it. Others could not even get erections at all. One in every five men can identify the change in their ability to get erections within the first year of therapy. People who have diabetes, blood vessel issues or who are excessive smokers are at high chance of getting affected by erection issues. The arteries of them are already damaged which worsens with the radiation therapy.

Treating erectile dysfunction after radical radiotherapy

The arteries would be very much damaged so men start to think about getting treated for erectile dysfunction. The scar would be very much huge that it would take several years to recover and sometimes it might not. So it is better to get treated in the starting stage so that the erection problems get solved very easily rather getting treated in the final phase where the chances of recovery are much less. There are many erectile dysfunction medications available but it is always better to choose Rx online pharmacy over local pharmacy to get the medication at the cheap price.

Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) induced penile Doppler

Penile doppler procedure involves measuring the diameter of the arteries. The inflow of blood in the blood vessels is also noted. Only when the blood flows properly, an erection would occur hence this measurement is very much important. Sildenafil citrate medication is given to the patient and the evaluation is made without any visual, manual or audiovisual stimulation.

Since the drug needs libido to start working, the audiovisual video is provided to the patient. Now again the measurement is taken with an interval of 5 minutes up to twenty minutes. It is found that erections were firmer and safer compared to another penile Doppler methods. People prefer this technique over other methods due to a sensitivity of 90% and a selectivity of 100 % that is offered by sildenafil citrate induced penile Doppler.

Where to buy Viagra super active to treat erectile dysfunction caused by radiation therapy?

There is no room for worry as an online pharmacy could be the best place to buy Viagra super active drug at a cheap price with great offers to treat impotence issues. Though radiation therapy has made a man to lose his firm erection, taking authentic Viagra legally from them would help to get back the lost erections back.

A mail-order pharmacy would offer this erectile dysfunction medication with the different dosage strengths like 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. A man can make use of online doctor consultation to know the appropriate dose in order to start the treatment. Since you would have spent so much on radiation therapy, you can save some dollars on purchasing Viagra online. The rate of this drug would be low that you need not have to suffer from an empty wallet again in our life.

How to treat erectile dysfunction with Kamagra (the best alternative to viagra)?

Treatment method involved with Kamagra is very similar to the Viagra medication as the same chemical component sildenafil citrate has been used to treat Erectile dysfunction. Kamagra has a name The best Viagra alternativeThere is a various place where you can buy Kamagra medication. The effectiveness of this medication is quite compromising and it also surprises the users with minimal side effects. There is also a restriction to use among men.  Kamagra 100 mg tablets are not recommended for persons allergic to Sildenafil Citrate.

The best way to use Kamagra pill is to take it before few minutes of your intercourse. It will boost the blood flow and thereby it result in slowly treat the erection. And the important note here is the Kamagra price is low as they are made in developing country India. So it has been marketed at a low rate. But the effective result is very similar to Viagra. Nowadays, most of the peoples would start to order Kamagra from an Exclusive Kamagra Online Pharmacy. Physicists at has suggested this medicine for erectile dysfunction as a substitute of Viagra pill.